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ISO Certification Body: How to Choose the Right One to Work With

Is your business looking to get ISO certified? An ISO certification body is an organization that provides certification services to businesses and organizations. Certification bodies are independent of the International Organization for Standardization and operate under ISO standards and procedures. In essence, ISO certification bodies exist to certify that a company complies with ISO standards. When an organization implements a management system according to one or more of the ISO management system standards, the usual next step is to get that management system certified by a certification body. Organizations use certification bodies to obtain independent recognition. Independent recognition is increasingly important in a globalized world where potential customers are not able to visit potential suppliers or service providers on the other side of the world. Many organizations look at the choice of certification body as a choice between commodities, i.e., looking for the lowest price. Price is an important factor, but it is not the only one. If your organization uses price as the only criterion, you may find yourself working with a certification body without any experience in your field, one that has a bad reputation, or one that is not recognized by your potential customers. An organization may find it useful to consider a certification body that can bring more value to the relationship than just pure compliance recognition. There are many different certification bodies around the world, each with its own specialties and areas of expertise. When choosing a certification body, it is important to consider what your business needs from the certification process. There are a few things you will want to keep in mind when choosing an ISO certification body. Here are some factors to consider:

One of the vital aspects to keep in mind when choosing an ISO certification body is reputation. If you want to use your certificate for marketing purposes, you probably don’t want to get it from a certification body that has a good reputation. You should choose a certification body with a solid reputation. A reputable ISO certification body has a good track record of delivering exceptional services.

The other factor to consider when looking for an ISO certification body is specialization. Select an ISO certification body that has experience in your field. If you are a bank, it is not a very good idea to have a certification body that has previously certified only manufacturing companies. So, do not be afraid to ask which auditor will audit you; ask for his or her CV and/or a list of companies he or she has audited. This way, you will not lose a lot of time explaining to them your needs.

Another essential element to keep in mind when selecting the right ISO certification body is accreditation. Look for a certification body that has been accredited. This means that the certification body has been recognized by a national or international accreditation organization as being competent to provide certification services.

To sum up, choosing an ISO certification body is an important decision for any business looking to get certified. Make sure to do your research and choose a reputable, experienced, and accredited certification body.

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